Responding to Trump’s 2018 Budget


SCANPH member Matt Schwartz, President/CEO of the California Housing Partnership Corporation, has penned his thoughts on the Trump Administration’s proposed 2018 budget. Schwartz notes that if the proposal were enacted, it would have devastating consequences for low-income families, seniors, and the hundreds of thousands of California households who currently benefit from HUD programs as well as USDA’s housing programs. The budget proposes cuts of $54 billion to domestic programs, including more than $6.2 billion (13%) to HUD—not to mention eliminating the valuable Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program ($357 million for California) and making deep cuts to the already underfunded public housing capital and operating funds.

Schwartz outlines two key courses of action that organizations can take to address these damaging cuts. Read Schwartz’s thoughts here.

Jeannette BrownComment