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You can see how much a family needs to earn to afford the average rent and median home price in LA County (click here), Orange County (click here), San Bernarndino (click here), and Riverside County (

SCANPH LA County Campaign

Click here for the SCANPH Position Paper on the need to increase funding for affordable housing in LA County.

Affordable Housing & Gentrification Near Transit

This study aims to answer several questions facing current-day affordable housing advocates as they try to focus increasingly limited resources on prevalent issues of housing affordability near transit. These questions include:

Is Just Growth Smarter Growth?


The Effects of Gentrification on Transit Ridership and Driving in Los Angeles’ Transit Station Area Neighborhoods

The Impact of LA’s Fixed-Guideway Transit Stations

There is widespread awareness that public investment in a fixed-guideway transit system (a transit facility using and occupying a separate right-of-way) affects private properties near transit stations. People enjoy the extra accessibility created by transit, but also suffer from the undesirable externalities associated with living in transit-oriented development (TOD) areas. The relationship between fixed-guideway transit stations and the local real estate market is difficult to generalize, however, and depends on the context.

Academic Review Board Reports

Academic Review Board

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July 7, 2014 Meeting Reports


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