Our Vision:

To spur thriving and equitable communities in Southern California, we need a generation of leaders who are informed and engaged in addressing one of the most critical issues facing our region: a lack of affordable housing and homelessness. The California Affordable Housing Leadership Institute (CALI) works to develop the next generation of leaders who are ready to tackle the housing crisis and create positive social change. We seek to develop a network of visionary leaders ready to work across sectors to address one of California’s most pressing problems—not to mention reduce barriers and increase opportunity for disadvantaged communities.

The Challenge:

SCANPH's tireless advocacy work to successfully secure hundreds of millions of dollars in new resources to house low-income people presents an auspicious moment for the affordable housing industry due to the infusion of new development funding. However, effectively utilizing such resources presents a challenge for stakeholders across the industry; as such, it’s clear our organization must pivot in order to proactively position the affordable housing industry for catalytic change spurred by the availability of such resources. Simply put, resources are available for development at a scale that the industry cannot match without significant investment in capacity building. Funding is the trigger and capacity building is the acceleration to empower the industry so we are equipped to meet the region’s much-needed production goals.

Our Response:

An array of leadership development programs

CALI will connect seasoned industry veterans with tomorrow’s housing leaders to complement our successful resource development. We will train and empower emerging leaders to reach their full potential and contribute to serving the economically vulnerable in our communities. 

  • Public Sector Partners: Our public sector partners are just that—partners, who trust our collective voice and expertise to contribute on policy decision-making that serves our communities equitably. A track tailored to these specific stakeholders will ensure greater understanding of the work affordable housing developers do and the challenges the industry faces.

  • Young Professionals: Fellowship program

  • Annual Conference Programming: Engage new entrants into the industry

For more information, contact Jeannette Brown, Director of Public Affairs & Programs.

2019 CALI Seminar: May 22nd, California Endowment

View last year’s curriculum here2019 curriculum here.
Public-sector fellows from across Southern California attended an invitation-only seminar featuring experts and leaders in affordable housing in order to better understand the unique challenges of affordable housing through each phase of development.


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