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SCANPH is the leading voice representing the affordable housing industry in a region of over 18 million residents, and our advocacy efforts have contributed greatly toward assisting the financially vulnerable in our communities since the mid-1980s. Our policy efforts in Los Angeles County alone merit serious consideration as a national model because coordination with city and county leaders have spearheaded local solutions to our region’s homeless and affordable housing crises with wide voter support.

We are at the forefront of major policy initiatives in the region and our longstanding policy work dedicated to securing local public sector financial investment – as well as favorable land use policies – for affordable housing and homeless solutions have only grown in importance amidst federal budget cuts and voter appetite for local solutions.


Affordable Housing Linkage Fee (City of Los Angeles)
In a historic vote on December 13th 2017, the L.A. City Council adopted the linkage fee, so for the first time since the founding of Los Angeles, the city will have its first dedicated revenue source for affordable housing! SCANPH was proud to partner with the Coalition for Just Los Angeles a successful campaign that reflects an unprecedented, city-wide collaboration among community organizations and advocates, affordable housing developers, and civic and religious leaders committed to advancing public policies that make a more inclusive and just Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County’s Permanent Affordable Housing Source Implementation
Among SCANPH’s most recent achievements, our organizing and mobilization efforts paid off dramatic results with historic motions unanimously approved in 2016 and 2015 by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to commit substantial new funding for affordable home development on an ongoing basis. In fact, SCANPH spearheaded the campaign around securing these funds, which amounted to $300 million between 2016 and 2020 and $100 million annually thereafter for affordable housing. Additionally, SCANPH’s work to secure this permanent source of funding paved the way for the region’s recent efforts to further advance the political successes won at the ballot in November 2016 and March 2017, which was accomplished with a broad collation of housing advocates that included SCANPH and our membership.


Elections 2016 & 2017


SCANPH has continually made the case to voters and legislators that long term housing investments in our communities pay off and truly address the systemic vulnerability of extremely low-income households at risk of homelessness, as well as currently homeless individuals. This has led to the following policy outcomes driven by our position on steering committees of major campaigns:

  • For the November 2016 ballot, SCANPH was integral in efforts to place on the ballot – and more importantly pass – two major initiatives that accomplished the following:
    • Proposition JJJ: Compelling the private sector to include affordable housing in market-rate developments
    • Proposition HHH: Securing $1.2 billion in funding via bond issuances over the next 10 years by the City of Los Angeles to provide capital for permanent supportive housing
  • For the March 2017 ballot, SCANPH played major roles in the following:
    • Measure H: A countywide sales tax to raise funds for homelessness services to complement the capital funds (Proposition HHH) passed in November raising an estimated $330 million annually for the next decade.
    • Defeat of Measure S: Defeating a slow growth measure that would have stalled affordable housing development.

Through these campaign efforts, SCANPH has built a strong coalition and asserted itself regionally as vital political player.