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2015 Bright Lights 

Residents United Network LA Convening

Residents United Network LA opened 2016 with a meeting with Molly Rysman, Homeless and Housing Deputy of LA County Supervisor Shiela Kuehl. Residents and staff from RUN LA partner organizations like East LA Community Corporations, Union Station Homeless Services, Skid Row Housing Trust, Corporation for Supportive Housing, and Downtown Women’s Center were present in the meeting.

The listening session with Molly Rysman gave a space for residents to bring up their questions and concerns about LA County’s Homeless Initiative recommended strategies. The residents also applaud the efforts that the county has taken to address homelessness and lack of affordable homes in our community. It was helpful for RUN residents to learn more about the Homeless Initiative and how we can lift up the voices and encourage engagement of the residents as the county efforts move forward. RUN LA plans to participate when the Board of Supervisors come together to hear the Homeless Initiative final recommended strategies in February.

This year, RUN LA is offering more free leadership trainings for residents and resident services staff to bolster resident engagement and to collectively come up with strategies to bring more affordable homes in the region. With continuous support from SCANPH, Housing California, and Center for Community Change, RUN LA is energetic in outreaching for more partners to collaborate with in building a strong network of residents, staff, and community members working together.

Save the date for our upcoming webinar on “Why RUN?” an introduction to RUN’s organization and why it matters to nonprofit developers and service providers to participate in this statewide effort. The webinar is on February 17, 2016 at 12noon, more information to come on SCANPH’s events page. RUN LA’s Regional Convening is on February 26 with members from around LA County coming together for a day of organizing, training, and important updates on regional and statewide housing policies for 2016. The Regional Convening will take place at 1010 Development’s Villa Flores community. Visit this link for more information and for registration instructions.

If you want to learn more about RUN LA and how to get your residents involved in the leadership program, contact RUN LA Leadership Coordinator Abbie Juaner: ajuaner@scanph.org or call (213) 480-1249.