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Rebates for Multifamily Properties

SoCalGas ® is offering rebate dollars for the purchase and installation of qualifying products installed this year in multifamily properties. Through, its Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebates, SoCalGas ® is providing rebates for current and past purchases. This means that even if you already purchased and installed a qualifying product earlier this year, you are still eligible for the rebates!

Available Rebates for Multifamily Properties include:

Boilers - $1,500 per unit
Central System Water Heaters - $500 per unit
Storage Water Heater - $200 per unit
Controllers for Water Heaters or Boilers - up to $1,400 per unit
Attic or Wall Insulation - $0.15 per square foot
Tankless Water Heaters - up to $400 per unit
Furnaces -  $250 per unit
Gravity Wall Heaters - $50 per unit
Pool Heaters - $2 p/mBtu per unit

These rebates are available for existing multifamily rental properties with 5 units or more and are based on the purchase of equipment and products with efficiency standards higher than code.

If you purchased and installed an eligible unit, our team can assist you with the rebate application process.

Please contact Leslie Villavicencio from our Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate program at (213) 312-1716 or at multifamilyrebates@icfi.com for further assistance.

We look forward to helping you!