3 Reasons To Join SCANPH

2015 Bright Lights 

Message From The Executive Director

I’d first like to acknowledge the work of the SCANPH Board of Directors whose guidance during a time of significant change was remarkable.  The success of the conference is a great example of their effectiveness as well as member cohesion.  I’d also like to recognize the SCANPH staffers who have demonstrated continued professionalism over the last year.  I’m excited to join this group of committed and able industry leaders.

Obviously the leadership of Tom Scott as Interim Executive Director was a real blessing to the organization.  On behalf of the Board and the entire SCANPH team, I’d like to recognize his effort. 

It’s no secret that our industry in a recession economy has suffered major setbacks over the last few years.  Not only is it more difficult than ever to keep an affordable housing operation up and running but also the development of decent, safe and affordable housing remains in serious jeopardy.  Despite this sobering reality, the work you do is too important to cede to skeptics who will use tough economic times to impose catastrophic cuts to our important and necessary development resources.

With this in mind, I’m energized by the opportunities that leading SCANPH offers.  Although it is way too early to make drastic changes in our goals or methods of operation, like our industry, SCANPH must change the way it operates to adjust to current realities.  I look forward to working with the Board, membership and staff to seek ways to better and more efficiently serve the industry.

In the coming months, I’ll be seeking out conversations with stakeholders, including the funding community, to gain a greater understanding of our current operating environment, inquiring about your views on SCANPH’s strengths and weaknesses, and soliciting input on products and services most needed. Please consider my door open.

In the meantime, we will work hard to maintain SCANPH’s commitment to member service, and continue to lead and represent the industry like we did when SCANPH recently coordinated a tour for State Senator DeSaulnier or organized support for LA County’s consideration of $11 million in redevelopment funds.   We’ll be seeking your support, and look forward to working with you on helpful industry policies.

Once again, I’m thrilled to have been given this terrific opportunity.  The work you do is important and I’m honored to represent you.

Thank You.